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👋 Hello! I'm Orlie and welcome to my personal profile page ğŸŽ‰
.. thanks for stopping by, stay as long as needed!

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About me

I’m an open source developer and indiehacker. My toolset: Python, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL

✨✨ Currently building in public an open source app for Stripe ✨✨

When I’m not tweeting, working on open source projects, playing videogames or cooking you can find me riding my 1996 Cannondale around Austin, TX


I'm currently residing full-time in Austin, TX.

I do love a long summer-break working remotely and usually you can find me in Tuscany, where I set up my home-far-away-from-home.

When traveling for work I'm usually in San Francisco or NYC.

I love a good co-working space, whether it's a WeWork or similar. In fact in Austin, TX I spend a lot of time working from CF CoWorking, WeWork and various local coffee shops!

Let's connect

To start, the best way to reach out is over Twitter as my DMs are always open or via email!

I'm open to speaking at conferences, being a guest on dev livestreams and or sharing my journey/mentoring newcomers to the tech world!